Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ideas for Valentine's Day

What to do for Valentine's Day?  What should you get for Valentine's Day?  While there is no one definite answer to either question, I thought that I would share with you some ideas:

What to Do?

-  Wear Red and Serve Red Food (jello, cookies, etc.)

-  Cut everything out with a heart shape

-  Buy an inexpensive box of valentines (like what children give out), fill each one out with a reason as to why you love your other half, and hide them around the house...it'll probably take a while for them to be all found, but it'll be a sweet surprise everytime!

-  The classic red lipstick hearts on the mirror (you could even think about his/her rearview mirror)

-  Send the person a sweet e-mail, text, tweet, e-card

-  You could even send him/her something sweet at work (yes, I think even guys would appreciate getting something at work)

-  Put a love letter in with their lunch

-  Have a picnic (weather permitting)

What to Buy/Get/Make?

-  Cook dinner

-  Do his/her chores

-  Take a jar (plain or fancy), and put their favorite snack in it (cookies, nuts, trail mix, candies, etc.)

-  Do something the other person enjoys, even if they know it's not exactly your cup of tea

-  Wrap up a box that has slips of paper, preferrably a lot of slips of papers - each one giving a reason as to why you love him/her

-  Make a homemade card (don't think it's tacky - I bet you that in 10 or 20 years time, that homemade card will still be around!)

-  Make a coupon book for personal things (think back rub, foot rub, running a bubble bath, cooking dinner, walking the dog, etc.)

-  Make a gift basket - you can buy a basket just about anywhere (Target, Walmart, Salvation Army, etc.) and fill it up with things they really like i.e., a bottle of their favorite wine, a book by their favorite author, they favorite magazine, etc.

-  Of course, the things you would put in a gift basket are great gifts individually!

-  Gift Cards - don't buy them something you're not more than 75% sure about...instead, give them a gift card to a store they love and pair it with a homemade card...it'll be a great gift!

The only thing you need is money, gobs of free time, creativity.

Give it a whirl, you might even surprise yourself!  Let us know what you have done or will do for your valentine!!!

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