Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Bother?

A while back, I was talking to a friend of mine, whose hubby happens to own his own business and she said that 'incorporated businesses are a joke'....then.....Just the other day, I had another sweet friend drop by my office for a quick chat.  During the course of our chit-chat, she said "...since she's (meaning her niece) only worked for herself, she doesn't know what the real world is about....she doesn't know what real work is..."  I was completely dumbfounded!!!! 

Not 1 - but 2 people had something negative to say about the exact thing I'm striving for!  Now, to be fair - neither of these friends know that we're trying to start our own business, or that we're going to be an incorporated business at that.  I know, I know!  How can I call them friends if I don't let them in on what's happening - well, both J and I work at a place that gossip spreads faster and gets wilder than any bush fire ever!  Not that they would spread the news around, but no matter how close a friend is, sometimes things are said without thinking.  And we know that if word got around, our bosses would all of a sudden start looking for reasons to pick on us.  (yes, that's how petty people are around here)

To this day, I'm still not sure what to make of the 'incorporated businesses are a joke' statement - that just blew my mind.  What's to joke about it?  It offers asset protection, possible selling of shares for investment purposes, gives you the ability to run like a corporation, unlimited growth (you're only limited by yourself and your ideas/wants)....I just don't see how it's any more or less than a joke, than if you were to talk about an LLC, LLP, S Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc.  I think that if you truly believe that type of business would work - then go for it.  But maybe, since that's not the type of business her husband is in, she thinks negatively of it.  What do you think of incorporated businesses? 

Now, as for the whole not knowing the real world or real work all because someone works for themselves.  I can honestly say that's a load of crock - at least for me and mine.  Like I said in a previous post, 3 out of our 4 parents have owned their own businesses.  Why?  Because they have worked for others, and geniunely liked being their own boss.  There's no assinine office politics, no breathing down your neck, any mistakes are yours and yours alone - there's no one blaming their crap on you.  You simply don't take anyone else's crap...the power is in your hands (so to speak).  But, most importantly - it can (if you truly want it) make you happy.  Some people are as happy as they can be to follow, while others - are happier when they lead. 

I think that any one that has ever worked for themselves, knows just how hard it truly is out there.  They know that if they don't want to put in 210%, work long and hard - they simply won't get a paycheck.  When you work for yourself - you are CEO, CFO, chairman, department administrator, office manager, sales rep, secretary - all in one.  You are it, the buck stops and starts with you.

*whew!*  Now, I shall step off of my soap box.  Have you ever had anyone say anything similar in regards to self employed people?  Or types of businesses?  Do you feel as protective of your job as I do about this?