Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sacred Heart

There are many things that can make a town special…restaurants, architecturally or historically important buildings, old homes, birthplace of famous writers, etc. All of those are present here in Augusta, but there is one that is shining this week. This Thursday, December 2, Augustans are celebrating the 110th anniversary of one of the most beautiful Victorian masterpieces in all of Augusta – the Sacred Heart Cultural Center. To make a long story short, Sacred Heart was built in 3 years by Jesuit priests as a Catholic church and a school for children of all denominations. They opened the doors on December 2, 1900 and 71 years later, the church closed its doors. For several years, it sat abandoned – plagued by vandalism and ruin. In 1987, Sacred Heart reopened its doors and has since served as a community center for weddings, proms, concerts, garden festivals and so very much more.

 If you’ve never been to it, but are here in town – or if you plan to come to Augusta to visit family or for the Masters, make sure that you stop by the Sacred Heart Cultural Center – it’s a wonderful piece of Augusta history.


  1. Sacred Heart looks so beautiful. I go to a catholic school and have been to different churches, but never one this beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


    xo, Jay

  2. I'm so glad that someone agrees with us - that this is a special place!