Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Hump Day

Ahhh...we have finally arrived at 'hump' day.  The day that's not quite as bad as Monday, no where near as good as Friday, and someone out there came up with the idea that if we can make it through Wednesday - we can make it through the rest of the week.  What they didn't think about, is how by are so far removed from the past weekend, you can no longer muster a smile for that oh so great night out Saturday, but yet you're too far away from the next weekend to start imagining the fun you're going to have.  You've gotten into just enough of the work week to realize that wearing heels might not have been such a hot idea for the third day in a row.  It's the day where you feel stuck in the twilight zone of overhead flourescent lightbulbs and the incessant ringing of telephones.  Everywhere you look, gray takes the day.  From the sad faces you see, to the actual color of the sky outide, even to the suits you see people wearing.  And, to top it all off, you have received more than your fair shair of daily emails from your friends and co-workers telling you that you have to forward it to 10 people or you will: die, get sick, don't believe in God, aren't a true contributing citizen or that you'll be rich...and here's my reply to all of those people:


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I can't make the sun shine, I can't give anyone a raise and I definitely cannot make the Wednesday of the real world: 9-5..a happier place.  I can however, give you some piece of mind that when you get those emails that say your neighbors - best friends - nephews' wife's  - ex sister in law's  - daughters - college roommate is going to die unless you forward the email to 10 people in the next 30 just ain't true.  That doesn't make up for the rest of hump day, but it will hopefully make it a little bit less gray, knowing that you can trash (with the harshest mouse clicking you can muster) those emails to help vent your frustration and relieve some tension.

Wishing you a slightly more opaque shade of gray Wednesday,

The Young Couple

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