Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shopping on Black Friday

In todays world, we often let our fingers do the walking, or in this case - the shopping.  However, there are some of us out there that prefer to go to a brick and mortar store to experience the thrill of finding good deals.  If you do prefer to go out and about this Black Friday, here are some tips:

- Dress comfortably!  Wear comfortable shoes and clothing!  That doesn't mean leave the house looking frumpy - still do your makeup, hair, take a shower....but wear shoes that you don't mind being in for a while - wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to bend and manuever.  You're going to be in loooong lines - so good shoes are a must. 

- Think about putting together a budget.  Say you've set aside $500 for Black Friday - make sure you don't go over that amount, and if you really want to push yourself...try to get all you wanted for under your budgeted amount.  That way, after you return home, catch up on sleep and wake up - you're not in total shock after you realize just how much you spent. 

Plan ahead - know which stores you want to go to, the order in which you want to visit the stores, and the items that you want to get from the stores.  Also, many store these days have all kinds of coupons. It might be worth it to go ahead a print those coupons out before you go to the stores.

- Remember, just because it's Black Friday doesn't necessarily mean that a particular item is at the lowest price it will ever be.  If it's not at least 50 - 60% off, make sure that the item you're after is something you really want.  Ask yourself - is this really worth getting up at at 3am, standing outside in the cold for an hour, getting smooshed by hundreds, standing in line for another 2 hours, only to save $10?  There are people will gather up a bunch of things, without really checking to make sure they are on sale, stand in line - and when they get to the register, they realize that they didn't save that much, if anything at all...but they buy it anyways, and grumble about it later. (I have actually seen that happen.)  Many stores realize that during the frenzy, not everyone will really pay attention - i.e., the box they're getting is not the one that's on sale, it's the one one that's red and black, not mauve and black, or that just because this table is 60% off, the other one isn't - and so on!  So be alert!  Make a plan, and watch for smooth marketing tricks!

- Be patient and kind.  Remember that there are long lines, a lot of people (quite a few of which will be grumpy) and overworked cashiers and stockers.  There will be grabbing, pushing, toe stepping and possibly some name calling.  Hey, it happens - but you can be prepared.  Eat a good breakfast, take a warm drink with you if you're waiting out in the cold, maybe even carry a snack in your purse if you think you might need it.  :)

- Enjoy Yourself!!  So many times, we can get wrapped up in what we're doing, we forget to simply enjoy ourselves and savor the moment.  Try it - you might not mind someone stepping on your toe (lightly of course), or taking the last box of what you were wanting to get.  And remember, smiling is contagious...do it and see!

- Last and definitely not least - be safe!  This is a time where people are in such a hurry that they misplace their money, or they think they put it up, but it accidently drops out of their hands without them noticing.  It's also a time where people will pick pocket and take your bags if you set them down.  Make sure that your phone is charged, and be aware of your surroundings - and the sales.

Here are some websites that have black friday ads listed on line for you to look at...also, go to the store websites, they might have other coupons and/or deals that aren't listed on the sites below.


Wishing you happy shopping, great finds and an awesome day!

The Young Couple

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