Monday, January 24, 2011

Tips for saving money

One of our news years resolutions - and one that most people make - is to save more money!  I thought that I would give some of my tips and tricks for saving money. 

1.  Eat at home!  Eating out versus eating at home.....eating at home usually wins.  Granted, eating out is easier, and faster, and much less of a hassle - it's also not nearly as gratifying.  When I think that I'm too tired to cook, or too lazy - whichever the case may be - I remind myself of these things:
   - cooking at home gives you a sense of accomplishment
   - it can be/will be cheaper than eating out
   - it's more of a workout than driving through the drive through (think about it:  your on your feet, stirring, chopping, washing, etc.)
   - you know what's in it, you know it's healthy
   - it let's you use your imagination and creativity

2.  Coupons!  I know, a total pain the *** sometimes, but hey - it can be worth it.  People ask me, is it worth buying a newspaper every Sunday?  I say yes, I spend $1.50 or so, and I usually end up saving wayyyy more!  Find a store that doubles your coupons - that helps.  I know that the Kroger that we go to will double coupons every day, up to $.50 (which means you could save up to $1.00).  Also, don't be afraid to use a coupon on something that's already marked down or on clearance.  For instance, there have been times that I've gone into a store (RiteAid) and got my conditioner on sale for $3.00, then I had a $1.50 off coupon from the paper, and an addition $1.00 off from the RiteAid Video Values, and then I got an UPS reward after paying for it.  Also, don't forget that you can print them off from the internet as well!
(And, just to let you know - I am not one of those that can go and buy $200 worth of products and only spend $5...but I don't mind trying to save that kind of money!)

3.  Use the web to help you figure out couponing and saving solutions!  There are tons of websites out there to help you save money and time!  A couple of my favorites are:

4.  Use the library!  Seriously - borrow books, movies and cd's from the library.  That way, you can read, watch and listen to something all you want - and you don't have to pay for it, find a place to store it, or even dust it every once in a while!  Also, our library I know - but most others as well, sell their gently used books.  Out library has a 'store' on the first floor, where you can buy books any time the library is open.  However, other libraries in the area hold book sales 2-4 times a year.

5. Yard Sales and Flea Markets!  I know that some people say you can and should buy everything you can from places like this...but I cannot say that we do that.  However, we do buy things like:
- fresh fruit and veggies
- books
- avon products
- any sort of cute gift ideas that we can give for a present
But don't forget that they are great places for gently used clothing/shoes/school items, costume jewelry, unique one of kind hand made products, and sooo much more!

6.  Subscribe to restaurant and store websites!  Usually, most stores and restaurants these days have their own websites, where you can join an e-club (or something like that), and as a result of that - you will usually get alerted to sales, and get coupons!

There are many other tips and tricks out there - hopefully this is enough to help you start saving some dough!

Happy Bargain Hunting and Savings!
The Young Couple 

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