Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yes - We have made some changes!!

As I'm sure you've noticed - we've changed our names, our description, our picture - and we've also somewhat changed our mentality.  We've been getting more and more serious about working for ourselves - and we realized that we've left you completely out of the loop!  *our bad!*

We have decided to start with a online coin shop and from there, work up towards having the cahoona's to open a true n' blue, brick-n-mortar store.  We still have our Ebay store ** J n S's Coins and Collectibles**, but hope to use this blog, word of mouth and our Ebay store to help drive traffic to our own website. 

However, before we crank up our own website - we decided that we want to be totally legit about it.  Get the proper licenses, permits, etc. so when it is time to move into a real store - we'll already know the players and the game.

Do any of you have your own store or web-store?  Any suggestions or advice??  Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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